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We believe all people deserve safety, wellness, and agency.

J Reed Consulting is a professional development and organizational wellness firm dedicated to supporting people, teams, and organizations as they move beyond aspirational goals to create sustainable solutions that inspire authenticity, belonging and fairness.

We create unique opportunities for transformational and dedicated organizational alignment by identifying risks, naming solutions, and creating momentum for eliminating harm.

What Makes Us Different




Why a Justice-Oriented Approach?

It seems like the acronym DEI can be found almost anywhere these days. Experts around the globe and across many industries are investing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts like never before. Research shows intentional DEI training helps organizations meet goals, reduce employee turnover, increase innovation, and even boost profits.


While a business's bottom line may be well served by company-wide DEI initiatives, it's important that companies recognize they are also a part of larger communities.  Understanding the connection between your organization and the communities in which it functions is crucial for manifesting justice for all.


Without a justice component attached to DEI commitments, it's easy for companies to minimize their impact on communities, especially those communities that have been underserved and underrepresented. Contracting with J Reed Consulting LLC ensures that your company's commitments will not be isolated to your organization, but rather have a sustainable and positive impact on the community. Click here to learn more about our services.

Climate Protest
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Here in Louisiana, we are big believers in Lagniappe, something extra.  Maybe you have a very specific need besides the previously mentioned services. I can work with you and your team to provide ghostwriting,  learning materials, social media content creation (including blogs), webinars, and talent acquisition committee support.

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Decolonizing Work and Resetting Workplace Norms

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