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Presentation Resources

Are you Ready for Black History Month 2023? Check out our Offerings and Schedule a Discovery Call!

Joquina Reed is ready to radically transform your organization with a custom keynote! She is ready to help your organization understand a variety of topics relating to belonging, authenticity, and inclusion.


As a former university faculty member in Communication and Director of Forensics, Joquina Reed has written, inspired, and coached thousands of students in competitive speaking. Not only has she had the opportunity to help countless college students navigate their public speaking apprehension, but she has also aided a plethora of professionals in becoming master orators as well! Holding an M.A in Communications Studies and being the oldest of five siblings have also catapulted her to understand the power of effective communication.


As a DEI practitioner with a justice-oriented approach, Joquina has spent nearly two decades helping individuals and organizations identify their cultural incompetence and biases, assess organization structure, design interventions, and move forward with holistic strategies that support organic change.  Consider scheduling an exploration call today!

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“to speak then when one was not spoken to was a courageous act—an act of risk and daring.”

-bell hooks

Justice-Oriented Presentation Services

Group Facilitation:

Small and large groups

Personalized icebreaker and learning activities

Customized group learning experiences

Public Speaking:


Panel discussions

Podcast interviews

Speech Writing & Speech Coaching: 

Speech writing



Rehearsal support and coaching

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