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Just Five Things- Ending PRIDE Month!

Building upon the legacy of Juneteenth requires us all to continually invest in archiving Black Wisdom-Keeping. Celebrating people like Gladys Bentley: Gender-Bending Performer and Musician, reminds us of the historic and intersectional nature of Black Wisdom-Keeping.

As Pride comes to a close and summer is in full swing, let's look for an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of Pride with the whole family! Simultaneously we know that much must be done to sustain the health and well-being of the LGBTIA community all year! The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is a national coalition of local member programs, affiliate organizations, and individual affiliates dedicated to preventing and responding to violence against and within LGBTQ communities. There are many ways to get involved and ensure your voice is heard in the LGBTQ anti-violence movement.

This Tibetan Healing Flute video allows for melatonin and toxin release as we eliminate stress and calm our minds. Our J Reed Consulting LLC team realizes that all living entities are profoundly connected and can teach each other. What elephants can teach us about life is a reminder of this value!


We celebrate Black women, girls, and femmes who are changing the world weekly. This week we want to highlight Kat Gabrielle, the creator behind The Well Work, a community-rooted organization committed to advancing Black women in business by providing access to funding, growth, and opportunities. Their mission is to teach and fund 1 million Black women founders.

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