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Just Five Things-Celebrating Juneteenth!

As we prepare for the upcoming Juneteenth holiday, it’s vital that everyone, no matter their racial and ethnic identities, are aware of the history and legacy of Chattel Slavery. Naming the Ellipsis is the foundational theme of our founder Joquina’s latest Juneteenth 2023 virtual workshop. Make plans to attend this virtual workshop on Saturday, June 17th, at 1 PM (EST).Today you can use the promo code: Funday to receive 10% off! Or purchase a BOGO ticket and get one free ticket for a friend!

Additionally, becoming informed about Juneteenth creates the opportunity to learn more about reparative justice. Harvard University Kennedy School’s podcast entitled: The United States pays reparations every day—just not to Black America is an excellent source of information.

As we wrap up the second week of Pride, let’s make time for a quick laugh break with Comedians Being Black, Queer & Unapologetic AF or hold space to Calm Your Mind, Relax and De-stress.

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