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Winter Solstice is slowly approaching here in the U.S. While the holiday season may prove to tremendously impact our psyches it’s important to acknowledge how the change of weather patterns can impact humanity and our society.Homelessness is a nationwide epidemic that's increasingly impactful in the U.S. Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day is celebrated on December 21st, the first night of winter solstice, in honor of the year's longest night. A day chosen to symbolize the impact of freezing temperatures on the housing insecure community. Register to join the Homeless Persons Memorial Day 2022 on December 21.

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that some people may experience in the fall or winter. Often attributed as a simple case of “the winter blues” some folks may experience social stigma for experiencing a lack of regular social or professional motivation and engagement. Yet, we need to normalize conversations in our families, places of work, places of worship, and our overall society about the impact of seasonal depression. Now is the time when organizational leadership should be intentionally considering creative ways to support their teams who may be impacted by (SAD). How to Support Workers With Seasonal Affective Disorder This Winter provides some very useful tips!

Outside our workplaces, we can seek various tools to help each other be inspired while recognizing the ongoing concerns of Covid 19, as well as (SAD). The 10 Best Foods to Soothe Seasonal Depression may prove to be a helpful resource worth sharing. Buzzfeed’s 17 Jokes About Seasonal Affective Disorder That Are Funny Because They're True may also be another positive tool this season.

Lastly, let's consider the benefits of the winter solstice. Within all our spheres of influence, we can also encourage each other to spend time settling alongside the cadence of the natural world. The invitation to seek comfort, meditative spaces and ease allows for both individual and communal expansion.

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