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Just Five Things- Super Bowl Edition

Super Bowl LVII is happening next week. While there has been no singular correlation between large sporting events like the Super Bowl and human trafficking, there has been some causal analysis that connects events like the Super Bowl with sexual exploitation.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has reported that 24.9 million people are trapped in human trafficking and exploitation worldwide. Their reporting also shares that 6.3 million individuals have been in forced commercial sexual exploitation. Sex trafficking happens every day, and the Super Bowl provides a good foreground to discuss the issue and act to eliminate this violence. The scope of anti-trafficking advocates and organizations should empower us all to act!

It's important that we empower ourselves on our continual journeys in the collective pursuit of liberation and justice. Finding ways to soothe ourselves in the midst of our advocacy is essential. Our J Reed Consulting LLC team knows that laughter truly empowers us all!

Make sure you check out of free Black History Month Resource Guide to join in the celebration!

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