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Just Five Things- Humor is Life-Saving!

In 1780, Elizabeth Freeman sued the state of Massachusetts for her freedom. “Bett” was an enslaved woman who understood the irony of living in the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. Freeman sought legal representation with Theodore Sedgwick, a prominent local lawyer, and demanded a dramatic accounting for the hypocrisy. Find out more about the impactful story here!

It's important that we make time to utilize multiple tools to ensure a sense of well-being for ourselves. Why not consider finding out more about the mood-boosting effects of indoor plants? Humor is another important tool in our wellness toolboxes!

Nathan Birnbaum was born one of 12 children and lost his father to a flu epidemic before he was eight years old. As a kid, he worked odd jobs to assist his family and dropped out of school in fourth grade to attempt to make it as an entertainer. During the Great Depression, he kept working. Nathan lost a soul mate and a stage partner, yet he kept his sense of humor. He continuously revamped his act and made humor an embodied practice. In his later years, he eventually got a role as the titular character, God, in the movie Oh, God! Of course, he used his stage name: George Burn! George Burn’s story highlights that humor is an essential part of our overall well-being. Check out this list of Customer Service Jokes to jumpstart your weekend!

*Make sure you check out of free Black History Month Resource Guide to join in the celebration!

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