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Just Five Things- Wrapping up BHM!

Covid 19 has significantly impacted our global lives. New research has shown that the pandemic may have paved the way for a new workweek revolution. Organizations and leaders must stand at the forefront of innovating global labor conditions in times like this.

Sometimes in life, it's the simple things that can give us joy! Check out this page filled with classic knock-knock jokes to stimulate happy hormones. Additionally, most of us can recognize how vital community is in our attempts to fight injustice in society. Yet, we often forget animals' role in helping us regulate ourselves. Learn more about the positive impacts our pets have on our mental health!

As we prepare to wrap up Black History Month, it's essential to recognize the significant role Black people have had in our shared U.S. history. One of the fascinating histories to unpack is Harriet Tubman's role during the Combahee Ferry Raid. On June 2, 1863, Tubman became the first woman to lead a major military operation in the United States.

*Check out the free Black History Month Resource Guide to join in the celebration!

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