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With midterm elections coming up next Tuesday, it's imperative that we stay alert and posed to act and support others in our shared practice of civic engagement. We can draw inspiration from the PBS film Freedom Summer: Mississippi. 1964. It highlights the bravery of activists in 1964 in responding to voter suppression, violence, and massive injustice taking place in Mississippi.

We can also be reminded by little children of the power of our collective voices by watching Sesame Street: Vote Song and glean comparative political lessons from the animal kingdom by reading the following article: Sneezing Dogs, Dancing Bees: How Animals Vote.

If you want to obtain a variety of voting resources including ballot previews and legislative scorecards this Voting Resources and Support page can be helpful. Lastly, it's important to make sure we are voting not just with our singular interests in mind. Go check out to learn more!

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