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Today, we get to celebrate Native American Heritage Day. It's a day we get to both, honor the dedication, resilience, and beauty of Native culture while amplifying the ongoing violence that Native people still experience in contemporary society.

Charlie Hill was the first Native American comic to appear on the national stage. As a young comic in the 1970s, he refused to rely on cultural stereotypes, and his material addressed bigotry toward Natives experienced throughout history. Check out his appearance on Richard Pryor Show: Charlie Hill. Alongside honoring Native heroes we can find other ways to celebrate Native culture with the list: Here's How You Can Celebrate Native American Heritage Day This November. Listening to Rain and Native American Flutes can set the tone for a relaxing weekend.

Lastly, spending time reflecting on Native activism can be inspiring. Braiding Sweetgrass: Chapter 2 The Council of Pecans by Robin Wall Kimmerer really gives us a holistic perspective and Earthrise tells stories for a new world. Radical stories of hope, of new possibility. Stories from the future that help us navigate the now. ‍

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