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Just Five Things- Celebrating Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and our team is always excited to celebrate the contributions of women and femmes! Our founder, Joquina, is currently offering a virtual event: Fireside Chat: Pathological White Womanhood- Divesting from White Feminism on Saturday, March 25th, at 1 PM (EST). Check out the event page to learn more!

Humans have spent centuries working alongside our animal kindred to make sense of our world. A fishing community in southern Brazil has recently become fishing partners with wild dolphins! If that isn't enough to amuse you check out this video of your favorite rappers as toddlers!

Ongoing stalemates within the Israeli-Palestinian talks have made peace often seem impossible in the region. For many, the ongoing conflict can be interpreted as globally impactful. Learn more about the actions being done to center rights and human security in the region. Making space to connect with all the conflicts in our society can create tension in our bodies. It's essential for us to both stay aware and also take care of our minds when managing and confronting conflict. Don't Forget to Breathe is a guided meditation by Dora Kamau that can be useful in challenging times.

We hope you enjoy this last call to receive our free Black History Month Resource Guide.

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