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Just Five Things- Happy Holidays

As this year draws to a close our team appreciates all the new people, places, and experiences we’ve had at J Reed Consulting LLC. We appreciate every client, every discovery call, workshop and so much more! We look forward to serving regionally, nationally, and internationally as we labor to create shared humanity in the upcoming year.

The new year often brings new opportunities and creates a new vision for responding to challenges. For organizational stakeholders and employers adapting to an everchanging society requires focus, dedication, and ingenuity. Especially as these changes relate to ongoing DEI strategies, policies, and practices. If you are interested in learning more about our founder, Joquina, and her vision for changing the world why not check out our latest About Us video? It’s also possible that you may be more curious about the offerings at J Reed Consulting. Our Check Us Out page shares clips of some of our fantastic team members in action!

As your team prepares for the upcoming first quarter we want you to be aware that our founder is currently accepting bookings for Black History Month 2023. Joquina spends a particular portion of her professional focus helping individuals and teams understand the significance of global Anti-Blackness projects and how those relate to current anti-Racism initiatives. Reach out to learn more about Joquina’s speaking engagements and schedule for the spring.

Lastly, check out our latest workshop offering: Examining & Addressing the Expansion of Whiteness and Supremacy. This in-depth workshop has been designed to pay close attention to the bias that often prohibits psychological safety in our current work environments. As always we encourage you to email our team at: to learn more about offerings and schedule a free discovery call. We look forward to supporting you once our office reopens on January 6th, 2023.

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