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Just Five Things- Honoring the Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence. Celebrated every second Friday in April, this observance brings attention to the hatred, oppression, prejudice, and violence that LGBTQ youth experience every day. Currently, we’ve seen a plethora of legislation targeting queer and trans youth across the U.S. This day reminds us of our shared responsibility to ensure that all youth get to thrive! Organizations like The National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition address the inequities facing Black transpeople in our society. Today would be a great day to offer support.

Today also happens to be National Dolphin Day! This holiday allows us to celebrate dolphins and raise awareness. Dolphins are dynamic and offer humans a great deal. Not only are they able to soothe us with their sound-making they also have a tremendous sense of humor!

We honor the Black Women & Femmes Changing our World every week, especially during Black Maternal Health Week! This week we are spotlighting Frankie Robertson, the Founder of The Amandla Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the social and political determinants of health that directly impact the health of Black birthing people. Find Frankie on Linkedin!

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