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Just Five Things- Honoring St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of both St. Patrick’s Day and Women’s History Month, let's celebrate books by amazing Irish authors! We recommend starting with Pit Lullabies by Jessica Traynor. Pit Lullabies is Jessica Traynor's third collection of poetry, in which she provides social commentary in a wickedly vulnerable way.

Speaking of vulnerability, here at J Reed Consulting, we recognize that conversations relating to economic justice can be scary. After the most recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, many of us want to know more about the implications of financial institutions in our daily lives. Laurent Belsie, a staff writer at Christian Science Monitor, provides some reflections with their latest piece: Are Banks and Your Money Safe?

Women’s History Month allows us to come together to celebrate how femininity works throughout our communities! A group of Indigenous women are working to restore the Great Barrier Reef. The program’s impact is multi-dimensional. Bringing together Indigenous women through training in land management and conservation.

We cannot labor for shared humanity without prioritizing pleasure, joy, and rest. We hope 19 Pedro Pascal Memes That I Can't Stop Looking At will resonate even if you aren't a Pedro Pascal fan! Lastly, we are excited to share the A Soft Murmur website with our subscribers. Let the ambient sounds cover you and invite you into rest and ease for the week ahead!

Celebrate Women’s History Month by attending this virtual Fireside Chat: Divesting from White Feminism, on Saturday, March 25th, at 1 PM (EST). Check out the event page to learn more!

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